About Sacred Pattern

Let’s begin with the premise that everything is sacred.  What!?  Surely not, you may say.  I made the same comment to a biology professor of mine.  Actually, our conversation was about what is “natural” and what is not, but the argument is similar.  I was protesting that stuff made by humans isn’t “natural”.  I think I said something about skyscrapers.  He calmly asked, “What about that is not natural?”  I tossed off a list that included steel, aluminum, glass, plastic and who-knows-what-else.  “What is all that made of?” he asked.  Hmmm.  Natural stuff.

Now, I grant you that we humans don’t always make the BEST use of our natural stuff, and we manipulate things into very unhealthy aberrations.  But at a very basic level, the building blocks are natural.  And I maintain that they are sacred.

I believe all of life (and I’m including things we sometime don’t refer to alive: rocks, minerals, chemicals, gases) is connected at a level that is deeper than we can even imagine.  Quantum physics has introduced us to non-local phenomena where one thing affects another without being obviously connected.

This site celebrates those connections and the patterns found everywhere, from leaves to louvers, snails to skyscrapers.  I hope you enjoy browsing!